Frequently Asked Questions

How do members access The Hive after hours?

We assign all members a prox card that allows access to The Hive 24/7.

What about parking?

We have a private parking lot located behind the building that all members have access to.  Parking is free for Hive members.

What kind of security does The Hive have?

The building has camera security inside the building and a motion sensor light above the back door.  The building is locked at night with prox card members-only entry after hours.

Do members get discounts for use of the classroom or conference room?

Yes, office members receive 8 hours per month of both the classroom or conference room use with a discount after 8 hours as part of their monthly rent.

What about a photocopy machine or fax machine?

Our members have access to the photocopy machine. There are no fax capabilities, but the copy machine has a scan function.

Am I able to arrange for a dedicated workspace?

We offer open workspace by the day, the week, or the month.  We can also arrange for dedicated workstations. 

Is the facility ADA accessible?

All entrances and restroom facilities are wheelchair accessible.

What are the kitchen facilities?

We offer a small tea and coffee bar with microwave, refrigerator, toaster, and sinks.  The kitchen table is a large table great for lunch conversation.


729 Main Street
Canon City, CO 81212

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The Hive

About Us

Carla Braddy | Co-Owner

Carla Braddy, Co-Owner of The Hive, was born and raised in Canon City and now chooses to make this wonderful community her home. She, along with her husband, two grown children, and their dogs, lives a Colorado lifestyle with an emphasis on participating in outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing as well as more contemplative hobbies including knitting, reading, yoga, and music appreciation.

Three words that Carla uses to describe her orientation to life and to her business:

I believe in practicing love. It is my way to try to improve the lives and lifestyles of everyone in my world.

A significant part of my life mission is to be authentic with myself and others. It is a matter of integrity to me that I commit myself in my interactions to help people reach their potential and find their joy. Coming alongside others in a compassionate way enriches my life immeasurably.

A lyric from a song by Jewel says: "In the end, only kindness matters." I believe this idea to be true and it is having and expressing kindness that forms the basis of my worldview and how I live.

Becki Logsdon | Co-Owner

Becki Logsdon, Co-owner of The Hive

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The Hive In Downtown Cañon City Announces New Ownership and Management.