Office Spaces & Work Spaces

We offer private offices, reserved work spaces, and common work spaces including hanging chairs, couch, easy chairs, ‘tall boy’ work station, and a traditional work desk for all to share. We also offer a conference room and event space to both members and non-members in our community.

Office Spaces

Private Offices

A 19’8” x 15’3” self-contained, locked, confidential, carpeted, w/1 brick wall space. Member provides own furniture.


Sentinel  /  Haven

Large Offices

A 12’ x 16’ carpeted space with lockable door. A maximum of 3 desks/users in the space. Desk, office chair, waste basket, and desk lamp provided.


Catalyst  /  Summit

Small Offices

A 6’ x 8’ carpeted space with lockable door. Desk, office chair, waste basket, and desk lamp provided.


Polestar / Hub

Matrix / Base Camp

Office spaces include the following perks:

  • 8 hours of conference room and/or classroom use/month with option to add hours at Hive member rate
  • During active membership, mail and package service available at no charge
  • Password access to continuous high-speed fiber optic Internet (500Mbs down/500Mbs up)
  • 24/7 access to The Hive via prox access key card
  • All utilities (gas, electric, water, sewer & trash included); landline telephone & fax line paid by member.
  • Use of off street parking on north side of building and community kitchen complete with coffee/tea bar

Work Spaces

Workspaces include the following perks:

  • Password access to the continuous high-speed fiber-optic Internet (500Mbs down/500Mbs up)
  • 24/7 access to The Hive via prox access key card
  • Freedom to choose workspace location (work carrel, comfy sofa/chair, high top counter, table)
  • Use of off-street parking on the north side of the building and community kitchen complete with coffee/tea bar

Conference Room & Classroom

*There is a non-refundable $10.00 cleaning fee in addition to the conference room and classroom rates.


729 Main Street
Canon City, CO 81212

Call Us

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The Hive

About Us

Carla Braddy | Co-Owner

Carla Braddy, Co-Owner of The Hive, was born and raised in Canon City and now chooses to make this wonderful community her home. She, along with her husband, two grown children, and their dogs, lives a Colorado lifestyle with an emphasis on participating in outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing as well as more contemplative hobbies including knitting, reading, yoga, and music appreciation.

Three words that Carla uses to describe her orientation to life and to her business:

I believe in practicing love. It is my way to try to improve the lives and lifestyles of everyone in my world.

A significant part of my life mission is to be authentic with myself and others. It is a matter of integrity to me that I commit myself in my interactions to help people reach their potential and find their joy. Coming alongside others in a compassionate way enriches my life immeasurably.

A lyric from a song by Jewel says: "In the end, only kindness matters." I believe this idea to be true and it is having and expressing kindness that forms the basis of my worldview and how I live.

Jill Fredrickson | Co-Owner

Jill Fredrickson, Co-owner of The Hive, enjoys her work because it gives her daily opportunities to practice having a positive attitude and gratitude for many blessings.  Her hobbies include leading a self-examined life, engaging in mindful cooking endeavors, creating visual displays, and appreciating poetry.

Three words Jill uses to describe her orientation to life and to her business:

I am a curious learner and find great meaning in listening to and observing what others teach me every day.  I try to set up opportunities for people to feel special, safe, and part of meaningful communities.

It is good to be different, I think, and I appreciate people of difference. Isn’t that everyone? I marvel at how interconnected we all are.

Giving and receiving respect is important to me.  I am a reliable, skilled problem solver who is good at handling details and treating others with respect. I feel honored by the way people interact with me.

Judy Teeter | Queen Bee

Judy Teeter, The Hive’s Queen Bee, is on her third attempt at retirement.  Her extroverted personality drives her desire to be connected to people and places. 

Judy loves being involved in connecting people to community; building relationships; and she is always ready for a new adventure.  She adds a spark of energy as she meets and greets those coming into The Hive. 

Three words that Judy uses to describe her orientation to life and to The Hive:

If people would love each other more as human beings, then that would set a ground rule for how we treat each other.  You can’t love and hate in the same breath.  This is a powerful thought for me.

This core value has to do with truthfulness and trust, both qualities that are essential to how I live my life.  I treat others this way and I expect other to treat me this way as well.

I give it even when I don’t get it.  It’s that important to me.  I continually work on being the best role model I can be in this regard.